Available & Upcoming Projects

Danger & Theriault

We Save The World is a comic based on decades old characters created by Jordan Middlebrook, that have had an overhaul for the 2020's.  In association with Metal Brick Games, We Save The World was loosely based on the game Take Back the Artifact. Published by Markosia, the TPB will be available to read the whole world saving story in 2023. Singles are available as convention exclusives throughout the 2022 convention season, or digitally on Drive Thru Comix and Comixology.

Danger & Co.

A graphic novel about humanity, connection and Robots. The story comes from the mind and heart of writer/creator Allison Danger, with the extraordinary panelists Christopher Ables (Illustrator) as well as Matthew Tavares (Comic Artist).  Variant\ Covers by the insanely talented Benjamin Tiesma (Dead Body Road: Bad Blood)

Blood and Motor Oil is a graphic novel with floppies available in parts as a Convention Exclusive.  

Preorder your trade today, using Diamond Code DED221488.  Available in Local Comic Shops and where ever comics are sold in the Spring of 2023.

Danger & Dariol

A graphic novel from Allison Danger, with Matty Dariol taking on the pencils, inks and colours in this supped up universe.  For a group of people that want nothing more than to go out on their own terms, they have to come to grips that dying their own way may be a luxury they don't have.

Available now in print and digital.

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Danger & Tiesma

The second world war is over and the rights are freedoms that were fought for, aren't extended to society's outliers, minorities and people with powers.  When the survivors go home, how do they cope, POST WAR.

Debuting at FanExpo Toronto 2022

Metal Brick Games

A fast paced game that enlists the players to build the most powerful robot.  When the game ends, add up your score to see if your robot was built to claim it's victory.

Danger & Lupine

When Wolf lost Moon

An illustrated short story about love and connection.  This original work focuses on the somber side of love ~ loss.  With imagery and vocabulary designed to evoke these emotions, Wolf & Moon captivates, while set in a rugged Canadian landscape.