Blood & Motor Oil: The Graphic Novel



A Woman with Mettle and a Robot with a Metal Heart

A graphic novel about a family at the heart of a bitter debate about robot rights. Set in a retro futuristic universe where robots are sworn to protect human life, but still struggle to understand it.  Dorothy Wicke is a genius in blending biology and mechanics, but is having difficulty with her memory.  Now a Robot has taken her hostage, as it attempts to better understand her, and humanity.  Finding that they have a common foe, Dorothy and the Robot join forces to flee an pending incursion. By delving into their pasts, they find that their pursuer may be more familiar than they thought.  While Dorothy and the Robot search for a peaceful resolution, the incoming forces want to spill their BLOOD AND MOTOR OIL

CHAPTERS Included:

Blood & Motor Oil - Oculus

Blood & Motor Oil - Archive

Blood & Motor Oil - Nexus



Matthew Tavares has put his pencil to work for the final chapter of Blood & Motor Oil.  The most visually dynamic and action packed of the chapters, his comic penciling experience lights up pages filled with feuding family, broken hearts and of course, ROBOTS!  This fellow Canuck has taken this change of pace in NEXUS and blew it out of the water.

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Writer, Creator

Inker, Colourist

Allison Danger is not only the writer/creator of the Blood and Motor Oil scripts and universe, she has taken on the role of inking and colourist for this project as well.  As the writer/creator, she has an invested interest in the characters development and an intimate understanding of the story and overall concept that can be told through nuance in colour selection and usage throughout the works.


Oculus & Archive

Christopher Ables, master of some of the tightest pencils, and genious at bringing character design to life.  His panel work is stellar and is dynamic enough to take you on parts of this wild, but emotional journey.  The emotionality he is able to convey through a characters facial expressions makes his pencils stand apart.  Ables introduces you to the world in OCULUS and takes you on a wild ride in ARCHIVE.




Cover Artists

Variant/Trade Covers

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Benjamin Tiesma

Comic Artist

Part 1: Oculus


Lauren Tracey

Digital Illustrator

Part 2: Archive

Jordan Slytherin

Jordan Middlebrook


Part 3: Nexus


... Ian ... Ashcroft

Comic Artist

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