Charlie Goes North – New Project Annoucement

Charlie - Background

The Universe

This dark fantasy adventure is told in the time immediately post war (WWII) in the wilds of Northern Canada.  With each of the main characters persona's and design reminiscent of a this tumultuous time on the world stage, the fantastical elements are interwoven into history.  Although the idea of where the world is at this time is a global one, this story is small when it comes to the landscape that it covers.  Where it makes up its breadth, is rooted in the characters.  It's a big story, for a small town.  

The Style

Originally envisioned as a graphic novel, this adventure grew too large to be incapsulated in a heavily visual medium.  A novel seemed more appropriate for a story of this size, but something kept nagging about seeing these characters jump out of the page, right from a panel. Ultimately, the decision was made to blend the two mediums together.  A novel, but with sections of story told in a traditional comic format.  Blending the two types of storytelling is the perfect choice for Charlie Goes North.

Creative Team

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Allison Danger


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Ian Ashcroft

Character Design/Pencils

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