GenreCon 2019

Blood and Motor Oil

The Convention Exclusive single issue of Blood and Motor Oil - Oculus will be making its debut at GenreCon!  The first of a 3 part graphic novel.  A variant cover will be available as well as signing by not 1, but 2 cover artists, as well as the writer/creator.

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When Wolf Lost Moon

Hard and Soft Covers of the first printing of When Wolf Lost Moon will be showcased at GenreCon.  A second, fully illustrated printing is slated to hit the shelves in early 2020 with previously unreleased watercolour artwork.

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Charlie Goes North

The newest (and under wraps) works by Allison Danger.  A novel and graphic novel combined, to bring a big story to life in ways a novel alone isn't capable of.  Character Concept Art will be on showcase.

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Allison Danger Hits GenreCon 2019

The details:

Where: Delta Hotels Conference Centre - Guelph

When: Saturday, February 9th - Sunday, February 10th 2019.  (daily hours available on their website).

Allison and her special guests can be found in Artist Alley on Saturday and Sunday with not only the debut of Blood and Motor Oil - Oculus, but also When Wolf Lost Moon, an allegory about death, dying, grief and loss, as well as some indie games by Metal Brick Games that Allison did the inking and colouring (and in some cases, even the illustration) for.  Play some card games Rap Battlin' Robots or Take Back The Artifact against the game creator, and see if you can beat him!

If you can't make it to GenreCon, but are in the area, Join us in the evening on Saturday, February 9th at WATCHTOWER RESTAURANT in Waterloo for a live inking session with Allison Danger, on the FIRST PAGE of Blood and Motor Oil - ARCHIVE, the next part of the Blood and Motor Oil story.

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