Practice Anywhere – Avengers Fan Art

The original pencils. The basic inks. The shaded inks. Flat colour testing.

The finished work will be posted @glass_cabinet_creative on instagram on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

Entering Contests

The Chokoo Ink & Colour

Following like minded people in the depths of social media can grant opportunities.  One piece of advise I received, has served me well, and I never forgot was that social media is meant to be social.  Interaction.  Making online friends.  From a woman that grew up in the age of making friends organically, this has always been a struggle.  That said, in true Canadian fashion, politeness and kindness have served me well, and opened some doors that wouldn't have been accessible without social media...the necessary evil.

Following great artists means being a part of their social media circle, and recently a great comic penciller that goes by @chokoo.comicartist put out a contest to ink and colour an Avengers piece on their amazing pencils.

Chokoo Colour Contest Submission