Danger & Tiesma Team Up

Avalanche Slide 1

Danger & Tiesma

Benjamin Tiesma and Allison Danger team up on this upcoming anthology series of stories called POST WAR.  The first of the set is

POST WAR: Avalanche.

When a Hero and sidekick part ways after WWII, the sidekick, Rockford “Rocky” Ross is left behind wondering if he ever meant anything to his old partner; Avalanche.  With Avalanche in hiding, missing, or worse, Rocky hires a P.I. named Maryann to help him find out what’s happened to The Avalanche.


Allison Danger


Benjamin Tiesma

Character Design/Pencils/Inks/Colours

Post WAr: Avalanche

First mini comic in an anthology series.  Would you like to know more?