Day Twenty Two

As the world becomes increasingly visual through the wonders and terrors of interconnectivity and electronic connection, non visual talents and inner most beauty is often overlooked. Left are the days of actively listening to people, participating in debate and conversation and letting someones expression of emotion through word slip through their ears and lay on their brain for a few hours like a thick blanket. In a sea of superficial beauty constructs, a vast many people have neither the time nor the inclination to look beyond the dust jacket of each person they meet to see if what information they have to offer is something ground breaking, earth shattering, entertaining, hilarious or unique. There are some people that are ugly cover to cover to be sure, but these monsters are few and far between. In a world that values information as currency, I find it so intriguing that most consumers of information turn away from the source, and opt to purchase it from a manufactured ideal while in line at the grocery store.