Day Twenty One

When I look at something I usually see the forest first. This isn’t a nod to my intellect, but more of an analytical tool to see the whole of something, and then to break it down into its lesser parts. I am not seeing the forest because its the culmination of all the trees, Im seeing the forest because it is broken down into all the trees. I have a tendency to focus on minutia, and often have difficulty allowing other people to arrive at their own conclusions, without directional thinking and guiding a conversation. This is particularly difficult to have a debate with someone with opposing views that has a less loud or less forceful personality. I also struggle as a writer to let the reader discover things in a story on their own. In my initial drafts, there is often a guided tour to all of the major plot points or nuances, that really ought not to be there. I want to take the reader by the hand, and take them along the exact path that I travelled, and it is only through editing that I allow myself to let go, and let the reader find their own path through the forest and the trees.