Day Twenty Eight

Movies, Cinema, TV, Pop culture really.  I love the world of make believe and most of the things I enjoy are else worldly, over the top, outside of the norm, and defiantly not documentaries.  I spend a great deal of time day to day, seeing some of the worst things that live has to offer…death.  All manner of ways to go, from all walks of life and death kills without prejudice.  When it comes to finding an enjoyment or fandom in something, I don’t care to watch two men battle for a puck, or a ball, but I find great happiness and comfort in the stories and satire that fiction, even realistic fiction has to offer.  Even a make believe universe that is war torn and violent is preferable than the realism of what takes place on a city street from day to day.  I love stories that have heart, be it romanticized, or heroic.  Being a fan in the “nerd” genre of things is where I am proudest and happiest to be.