Day Thirteen

Why I Love Superman:

He is the man that people of earth aspire to be. He takes the mantle and his powers with the seriousness of a heart attack and isn’t afraid to put those feelings on display for everyone to see, feel, and hear. He shows the people of earth that even a hero is fallible, and although his misgivings and mistakes can be few and far between, they are usually large, and with great consequence, which can lead to building a better man. Superman’s aspirations are to be more human, but in so many ways he is. Some people are stronger, smarter, wealthier, and better equipped to deal with life from day to day, but Supes can be all of those things, but chooses not to be. He choses not to showcase his talents, and instead squirrel them away for when the occasion calls for it loud and clearly. Superman is a symbol of hope that every person needs.


Disclaimer - I actually do NOT love Superman, quite the opposite, but feel free to challenge my point of view by leaving a comment in the contact us section. I know this can be a heated debate.