Between Two Projects

As the creative portion of Blood and Motor Oil enters its final phases before being shipped off to the publisher for polishing and primping before publishing,  my author brain has been craving something.  Although B&MO is the most exciting project I have in progress, I am entering the marketing and promotional phase of the project.  They are arguably as important as creating the project itself, as commercial success of a project can open many doors that critical success alone cannot.  Media, Marketing, and Promotion confiscate much of my creative time,  and there is a large part of me that craves the writing I am sorely missing.  With this in mind, as well as the life of a project (from concept, to printed on a shelf at the book store) can be upwards of 12-24 months for a graphic novel (sometimes longer developing on how long the development and writing phase take, as well as how fast your artist is) I started dedicating some of my creative time to conceptualizing and writing my next major project.  Overlapping creative time lines means less down time between releases later.  Character concepts, storyline, synopsis, log lines, and the actual comic script all need to be prepared before approaching an artist for this sizeable GN, so I have my work cut out for me, but juggling these two major projects sates my creative need to write, and also make what I write come to life in the form of a published graphic novel. 


So with Blood and Motor Oil set to hit shelves some time in 2020, I am optimistically hopeful that

The Best of Us  will do so in 2021.