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Allison Danger gets


At a certain point in the creative process, it becomes important to not only to be good at your craft, but to also look the part.  Self publishing, the indie circuit with conventions and events means your persona needs to be approachable as it is credible.  So how do you convey credibility with an ensemble and approachability with a half second glance from a would be purchaser?

Much to my chagrin, I quickly realized that people love familiarity, and if you look familiar, or even recognizable, you are granted an all access pass to being approachable.  People have seen you photo and begin to associate you with your books, your brand and creative output.

I have dabbled in photography over the years, but I knew that I would need more professionalism, talent and expertise to make these photos what I wanted them to be.

Enter Jen Squires @jensquiresphotographer.  A Toronto based professional photographer.  Not only does she take the best photos of people that I have ever seen (no joke, she's that good) but she is also patient and kind and made a total hot mess in front of the lens like me, look comfortable, natural and dare I say slightly gorgeous.

Put me in a room with a hundred people or so and I can stand at the front, speak clearly and well for hours, with slides and guests about number of subjects (Would have made a great teacher) but the minute someone whips out a camera or video device, I start stumbling over my words, and on occasion, my own feet.  Jen made me forget about the camera, and let me be myself, and that is what shines through in each of the photos.

If you haven't had your photo taken professionally as a creative, I'd urge you to put it on your "to do" list, and when you are ready, you email Jen and watch true photographic magic unfold.