When Wolf lost Moon

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A Story for Young Teens

A short story for a younger generation to bridge the gap in conversation about complex feelings surrounding love, and eventual loss through non-traditional imagery and vocabulary.

Set in the rugged Canadian North, the illustrator uses ink and watercolours to showcase his love of the outdoors to truly bring the beauty of the forest landscape to the pages.

This story was written to be a lightning rod for this transitional age group to discuss complicated feelings when traditional language seems to rudimentary.

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Allison Danger is an analytical romantic that uses the art of story telling to best express her sentiment and emotionality.  Her works are influenced by pop culture, and she believes every story needs a soundtrack.  Studied at Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Humber College School of Health Sciences Alumnus.

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Chuck Lupine harnesses raw natural talent paired with practice and perfectionism.  His sarcastic, sympathetic, skeptical and sentimental persona is ever present in his work.  Studied at Sheridan College under the Faculty of Animation, Art & Design.

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