Where is Allison Danger?


Upcoming Events - Convention Circuit

Signed and sealed is a table for Blood and Motor Oil as well as Wolf & Moon at the TRICITY SUPER CON, from October 5th - 7th in Kitchener/Waterloo.  For all you Chapterhouse fans out there, this con is the work of Richard Comley's Company (as well as many others I'm sure).  So for all you Captain Canuck fans, this really is a must attend event.  Blood and Motor Oil's writer/creator                            Allison Danger will be at the Glass Cabinet Creative table to discuss the work on both upcoming projects, as well as others in line for 2019.  A 6 page teaser comic for Blood and Motor Oil will be available to prospective publishers and fans alike.  

chubby 2

Upcoming Events - Podcast Debut

In late September 2018, the writer/creator of Blood and Motor Oil, Allison Danger will be on the quirky, coveted, and all about comics, the Chubby Wizard Podcast to talk all about the project from concept to completion.  Don't forget to check back for a date of upload, and don't forget to check out some of their other podcasts that have hosted esteemed long time members of the comic writers/ creators/ illustrators/ pencilers/ inkers/ colourists community.  They got Richard Comley and Chris Claremont, and thats pretty dang awesome!


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