The Road to Making a Graphic Novel – Marketing


Creating and writing a book or graphic novel is no small feat to be sure, but it is not in many cases, complete when the prose or script is finished. Preparing a pitch for a publisher or preparing your book for self-publishing is so much more than a compelling an original story. Communications, Marketing, Digital Art, Graphic Design, navigating your country’s copywrite and ISBN/ISSN systems, Being your own Advocate, and Believing in yourself are just a few of things I have discovered as part of the job when you are making a professional impression on the literary, comic, or publishing world. Please check back periodically for information as well as my personal experience with each of these topics, and how I was able to navigate them to an end that I was pleased with.

Market till you Make it

The internet has made self marketing an option for smaller scale creative people.  The reach and breadth that your creations can stretch is only limited by accessibility to your art.  From Facebook, to Instagram, to Ads, to websites, to digital marketing gurus, it all comes back to having confidence and believing in what you are producing as an artist (or at least appearing as though you do).  You could argue that there are metrics and algorithms to good marketing in the online creative communities, but at the end of the day, a well received creative project will find an audience if you know where to look.  If your creative outlet is making comics (writing/creating/illustrating/inking/colouring/layouts) then a great place to start is amongst online comic communities.  Other real-life places to explore would be conventions, libraries, cosplay gatherings etc.  Finding a community that values your type of creative output will ultimately generate an audience that is invested in your success.  This doesn’t exclude you though from being a part of theirs as well.  Participating in online discussions, sharing trials and success with others, and assisting in this creative community affords you the connections and network to make your next output and even bigger success.

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