Do Winter Write

Below are the rules for #dowinterwrite.  Most importantly though, is that this is a creative exercize and meant to spur creativity, not box it in.  Use these rules as a guide for your creativity, not a track for it to follow.

What do you do?

Follow the writing prompt list at or @glass_cabinet_creative on instagram for the set list, and make a point to write something about the prompt each day, for every day in February 2019.

What kind of Writing?

Any kind of writing can be used for this project from prose, to dialogue, to poems, or even blog posts.  Its up to you if you want to challenge yourself to write in a way that you don't normally feel comfortable, or if you want to stick to what you know.

What are the parameters of the daily creation?

There are only 2 guidelines to take into consideration for #dowinterwrite.  The first is that whatever you write, in whatever format must be no longer than a single page.  If that means typewritten in 8 pt font, or artistic style hand crafted calligraphy handwriting.  By keeping it a page, means it will take some creativity to write, but also to display what is written.  The second guide, is that the piece should include the word from the set list.

Now What?

When you have completed your prompt each day (or any days that you are able to participate.  Don't quit because you miss a day here or there!) post it to your social media/website/blog using the hashtags #dowinterwrite #glasscabinetcreative and #writeeverydamnday and each day a piece could be showcased on's Do Winter Write page, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.