Day Two

As the woman walked back to her apartment that night, she felt uneasy about her decision to leave John in the square alone, and cold. She would shake the feeling when she arrived home, and with that thought she pulled up her collar, and walked more briskly, and with purpose. As she walked in the front door, she felt the warm, inviting air wash over her with familiarity and comfort. The warm air hit her face with a earnest as her daughter ran by with hops and skips in her step. She had on her butterfly wings, and said she was practicing her flutter for when the spring finally arrived. Her daughter hopped and skipped around the room, as the woman took off her coat and walked to the couch. She let herself sink into the plush fabric with the warmth and comfort of knowing that the uneasiness she felt earlier had passed and that she was confident in her decisions. She was home.