Day Thirty

Dorothy (Blood & Motor Oil) – Her voice is an aggressive alto with crisp and enunciated tones, a lengthy and distinguished vocabulary and immense weight in her words, but she speaks with an approachable tenor to those that she feels for or feels connected to.  Her tone can be harsh and direct to those that don’t know her kind and gentler side.  Her intellect is superior to most, but she doesn’t make the people around her feel condescended to.  She is approachable, but expects a great level of complexity in partners, friends, and colleagues.  She likes to sing, in a high melodic almost whisper, but only does it when she is alone, so no one ever gets to hear the beauty of her singing voice.

Robot (Blood & Motor Oil) – The robot has a low, base filled voice that sounds surprisingly human.  It doesn’t have tones of brassy or chopped computerized speech.   Speaking to the robot makes the listener feel like they are speaking to a grandfather, or older gent without contraction or slang.  In an ever polite fashion, the robot speaks infrequently, but each word is loaded with meaning and weight.