Day Thirty Three


Dorothy and Rusty met at a tech convention while they were finishing their education. Rusty was charismatic and had a warm draw that Dorothy had never experienced from someone with that level of intellect before. Even Dorothy herself was very often time social awkward and kept to herself at most functions. Being there was a means to an end. Functional attendance. This time it was different. Rusty made her laugh, and she could feel herself letting go of the weight of her research. She could feel the weight of immense decisions, social and societal evolution taking a back seat to her own happiness for the first time in longer than she could remember. Rusty reminded her that it was ok to put the weight of the world down every once and a while. Rusty was always able to juggle the importance of his work, with the beauty of life, love, and family, in a way that Dorothy never could. She loved him for that. She admired him for that.