Day Six

Karen found herself sitting on a park bench on a beautiful late spring afternoon. The sun was warm and beat down on her warming up all of the broken parts. She had walked to the park to enjoy the day, and her pain had stopped her from going any further. Karen hated to lean on people or ask for help, so she sat helpless on the bench hoping against hope that they pain would pass. She knew it wouldn’t and sooner or later that warm sun would start to set. The families enjoying the afternoon in the park would leave for home and supper, and the more unsavoury characters would start to come out of the seedier parts of her beloved city. Karen had always struggled with her body, but as she got older, it seemed less to be her partner in life, and more like her enemy. The constant reminder that her illness would one day take her completely in the form of continual pain was sometimes more than her head or heart could bare. In her stubbornness and unmovable desire to retain her independence, she sat in the park, alone, until morning.