Blood & Motor Oil – Panel Art

Many artists have told me that doing sequential art is a totally different beast than other single page, or even multi page comic works.  Finding a dynamic way to tell a story, when so much of the story is conveyed through image, that isn’t always written by the person doing the illustrations.  Open communication and flexibly on either side of the writer/creator or illustrator/panel artist side is essential for a cohesive work that marries the story in the script to the finished verbal and non-verbal communication from the characters that leap off of the page differently to each reader.


Christopher Ables has been a dream to work with thus far and has produced pages that have made me (Writer/Creator: Allison Danger) feel life in the characters that had only ever been in my head and heart before.  Christopher Ables has been able to adhere to my love of symmetry without feeling stagnant in his paneling.  He is able to convey movement and flow in his artistic style that is synonymous with life.  His style of blending realism with comic style illustrations makes the reader feel like it could be something happening in their own town, but with lines clean and light enough to also let the reader enjoy the fun of the fiction…after all, it is about robots.

Oculus_Pg 1_Storyboard