Allison Danger Does a Panel

Comic Panel at Tri City

Moonlighting in Comics

Honoured and Excited. The two words I have used when discussing the opportunity to talk about making comics. With Roundtable Waterloo and Tri City Super Con 2, I will be running a panel about making your hobby your hustle. Stemming from taking on comic work as a way to de-stress from my day job, and the wonderful journey it has taken me on from seeing what was once a daydream to hitting the shelves as a published author.
The panel will talk about being your own boss, meeting deadlines, and staying motivated. All the while, doing something you love that is as a bonus, supplementing your income.

Be sure to join Allison Danger at Tri City Super Con #2.

Feast your peepers on some of the eye catching slides from the presentation and panel discussion.

UPDATE: The panel was great and answered some really great questions from the crowd.  Added all the slides from the discussion.  Cheers


See you at Tri City.